Who we are

We are a group of dedicated cold water surfers who are also committed Christians. We have a big heart for the surfers in Norway and we want to take part in the growing surf community in our country. With our passion for surfing and for the amazing creation we are surrounded by when we surf, we know that we are truly blessed. CSN is not a church or a fellowship for believers only, but we simply want to share our faith with the surfers around us and bridge the gap between the beach and the church. We are proud to be a part of Christian Surfers International, a world - wide organisation with a serving presence in the surf community in over 40 different surf destinations. 

While most of the surfers in our world are cruiz­ing around in their board­shorts, get­ting tanned and drink­ing from coco nuts, we find great joy in surf­ing with 6 mm wet­suits, con­stant brain­freeze and ici­cles from our noses.


What we do

Being in the ocean, with spectacular nature around us, catching waves and share this moments with our friends are of such great value. 
To have the oppor­tu­nity to surf is such a bless­ing and we wish to give something back to the surf commu­nity, local spots and nature sur­round­ing it.  To be able to give away a wave some­times, teach the next gen­er­a­tion how to enjoy surf­ing, treat locals and other surfers with respect and keep the beaches free from trash, are some of the things we wish to pri­or­i­tize with our surf­ing. It is not always easy to keep such an attitude, but we want to try.

We want to use our surfing to reach surfers with the good news, share life and create good vibes wherever we go!  



We believe in helping those around us and have a servant mind in our community. There's always someone who needs help with their house, getting groceries, fix a ding, instruction or pick someone up. This is a valuable way to build relations and trust. We also want to serve at different surf related events with our voluntary work, judging, serving food or cleaning the beach. 



The level of surfing in Norway is getting better and more contests are held. The surf community is growing and the we see that there is needed good, experienced judges. We have created a judging team and used some time on training, taking courses and judge different contests. Today, we have experience from the Norgewegian Championship, Xwave, Stad Surffestivale and the European Championship. 


CSN groups

To fulfill the vision of Christian Surfers and to have an impact on the Norwegian surf culture, we want to have local missions, called chapters, close to all the surfspots. This is a group of people that meet regularly and are about fellowship, surfing and creating good vibes locally. Today we have established a chapter at Stad and in Oslo.  



Christian Surfers Norway arrange different events every year for surfers. This might include big­ger or smaller camps, longer surf trips over­seas, one-day-trip, beach clean, kids days, com­pe­ti­tions, short-term-mission trips and lead­er­ship training. We experience a need for opportunities to meet, surf and hang out with like minded surfers. Go to our events to check out whats next



What we believe

We believe there is one cre­ator of the ocean, God, and that we can have a per­sonal rela­tion­ship with Him through His son Jesus Christ. As Chris­tians we are not per­fect and our aim is not to be bet­ter than oth­ers. Our life in Christ is by Gods grace alone, and we want to share that with our surf­ing friends.

Surfers in gen­eral rarely see the inside of a church, and the churches doesn´t seem to know how to relate to surfers. We desire to fill the cul­tural gap between the beach and the church, and our min­istry is a tool for churches located close to surfers.

“Chris­t­ian surfers hold to an evan­gel­i­cal state­ment of faith.” If you are curi­ous to read about our statement of faith, you can read more here

CSN wants to be a Chris­t­ian pres­ence and wit­ness in the norwegian surf­ing commu­nity. We wish to share our faith with surfers, dis­ci­ple them into the local church and do it together.

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Chris­t­ian Surfers Inter­na­tional was cre­ated in 1999. Before, the vision had already started with Brett Davis and his aussie mates down under, who has been reach­ing out to surfers in Aus­tralia since 1970s. More nations with believ­ing surfers wanted to join together as an inter­na­tional move­ment. Today, the orga­ni­za­tion is rep­re­sented in many coun­tries and surf­ing des­ti­na­tions all over the world. CSN are one of the newest join­ing nations and are proud to be a part of this big fellowship.

To be part of a world­wide orga­ni­za­tion gives us the bless­ing of friends and con­tacts all around the world. We have a big fam­ily of like­minded surfers, and we are con­nect­ing with them. The lead­er­ship of CSNattends in con­fer­ences arranged by CS Inter­na­tional and CS Europe, which gives us the oppor­tu­nity to stay in touch.

Being a CS mem­ber makes it easy to con­tact chap­ters or peo­ple around the world if you are plan­ning a surf trip. Every year we arrange an inter­na­tional surf trip to con­nect or help other CS nations. This is a great way to be inspired, and to con­tribute with the work of other CS nations.

” We are called to the world surf­ing com­mu­nity and will seek to facil­i­tate surf­ing out­reach to every surf­ing nation. We are part of an inter­na­tional fam­ily of mis­sions com­mit­ted to the com­mon good.” 

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